How to choose rental date?
The rental begins on the date you receive the phone and ends on the date you return it.
Choose the date you want to receive phone, MyJapanPhone will deliver to your designated address on time;
Schedule the date you return phone, and make sure the return is no later than 7
days as you appointed. Otherwise, extra rental fee will apply to your final bill.
How to drop off the cell phone?
There are two ways available:
1. Return to USA:
Please mail the phone to our office in Texas. It will be highly appreciated if you send tracking number to us.

Attention: Lan Lin
Address: 1108 Spring View Lane,Plano, TX 75075

2. Return in Japan:

Simply use our labeled and stamped envelop in phone package to mail it back. You may drop off in postbox, or ask hotel conceirge for help

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